Touchstone collaborations was founded by Miche Fabre Lewin and Flora Gathorne-Hardy. Our core partners are:


Crossfields Institute


Sustainability Institute


miche fabre lewin

Born into French and Jewish heritage, Miche began her journey in the savannah bush of Zimbabwe on the shores of Tiger Bay Fisheries. She came to the UK to study at University of Norwich, going on to postgraduate study in art therapy at St.Albans. During the 1990’s Miche’s visual arts practice developed alongside her art therapy work in the NHS in Oxford, in private practice, and as a tutor at City of Bath College. 

Her practice since 2000 has been as an ecological artist evolving a body of social healing work that is performative, participatory and rooted in soil, food and ritual. It inspires a re-membering that eating is an agricultural act and invites a sensuous experience of the inter-connections between living soil, healing food, vibrant bodies and a planet in balance. Working with naturally grown foods and forgotten culinary traditions, these edible installations, convivial food happenings and action research take place in the UK and internationally. She is currently embarking on a practice-based PhD with the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience. 

flora gathorne-hardy

Flora grew up in Suffolk on her family’s farm in Great Glemham. After studying geography at Cambridge University, she went on to complete a doctoral thesis in community design, studying as a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Design. Her research led to a Landscape Diploma at the University of Central England after which she worked on community projects between Liverpool and London. Having moved to Oxford, she founded the ecological design practice Topio, as well as reorienting her work as an arts practitioner. Her passion and commitment is to discovering ‘the body in landscape’, to listen and respond to the evolved nature, culture and communities of place. In 2010, Flora began working with Miche Fabre Lewin, opening up new fields of socially engaged arts and research relating to food, agriculture and water.