Our dedication is to weaving the arts and ritual back into the everyday to enliven sensing, thinking and responsive, ethical action. 

"Touchstones combine deep listening, creativity and relationship-mapping with healing and conflict resolution. All is achieved around the arts and the ritual sharing of food, which is key to sustaining relationships". Jane Trowell, Platform London.

Here our film Soil Saturdays created during UN International Year of Soils and shown at the European Parliament.

All our engagements begin with conversations between the geography of place and the aspirations of people. Our inter-connected cycles of inquiry embrace: researching what is already in place; resourcing ourselves with processes to attune to our senses, imagination and intuition; and respecting - or seeing afresh - what is possible.

 "Your work brought a sense of unity and deep appreciation for one another. I can see how it fits to diversity, because in all cultures food is part of the celebration". Theo Oldjohn, Director of the Agroecology Academy, South Africa

Here, more about our approach through Miche's TEDx talk Cooking, Cultures and Conversations.

Choreographing convivial environments with food of the land; working with artisan culinary and farming traditions;
discovering artful ways of thinking with the elements in the everyday: these are the transformative, practical
experiences and encounters that we look to explore and honour with others.